Opsgenie Integration

Last update: May 3, 2021


Opsgenie Integration allows you to:

  • Import Opsgenie services into Rootly Services.
  • Create a Rootly alert when creating an incident in Opsgenie.
  • Create a Opsgenie incident when creating an incident in Rootly.
  • Resolve a Opsgenie incident right from Rootly.
  • Page Directly from Slack ( if Slack Integration enabled ).

Note: This integration required an Opsgenie account with at least the Standard plan. https://www.atlassian.com/software/opsgenie/pricing


You can setup this integration as a logged in admin user in the integrations page:


Log into your OpsGenie account and create an Api Key.

Access Rights needs to be: Read, Create and update, Configuration Access

Insert the generated api key into the integration settings:

Let's now configure webhooks:

Add webhook as below:

All done !


You can page Opsgenie teams right from Slack using our integration.


If you need help or more information about this integration, please contact [email protected] or use the lower right chat widget to get connected with an engineer.