Build your timeline

Last update: July 15, 2021


There are three ways to easily add events to your incident timeline within Rootly:

  • Through our Web UI.
  • Through our Slack integration.
  • Through our API.
Web Interface

Add events to the timeline is meant to be as simple as possible. Simply click the "Add event' button in your incident page to start the process.

Markdown syntax is supported in your event description.


Install our Slack Integration and use within an Incident channel:

Use a Slack command:

/rootly add event <note>

Or by clicking the hamburger icon on any message in the incident channel:

Or simply by using a Pin emoji ( you can configure any emoji of your choice in our settings ):


Creating an event through API is also an option and more documentation available at:


Using our Email integration, you can respond to an incident email and we will add it to your timeline.