Inviting Users to Rootly

Last update: July 15, 2021


Rootly is most useful when you add all of your team members and other stakeholders, whether they are inside or outside of your organization.

This lets users see private and public status pages, and depending on their role, create and modify incident details, timelines, and assign roles as needed. Non-users can still see status pages that are made public, but otherwise won't have the same privileges that a Rootly user would have.

Inviting New Users

Inviting users is a very simple process, and takes only a few seconds.

In the upper right corner of the Rootly navigation bar, click your account name, then Invitations.

Enter the email of the team member you want to invite.

All users are invited as regular users, unless you check the administrator option. Note that this should be used sparingly as administrators have access to billing and account functions that regular users do not. This includes adjusting user privileges and inviting new users.

Once you've finished entering the email and optional administrator privileges, click Create Invitation.

Users will receive an email inviting them to join Rootly. All they need to do is click the Join button, and follow the signup process.

When the user signs up, they will have the option of authenticating using a username and password, or sign on through a third-party identity provider such as Google.

Users will need to enter their name, plus organization. Additionally, they will have the option of selecting any teams they want to join during the signup process.


Inviting Users via Third-party Integrations

It is also possible to invite users from third-party services such as PagerDuty, Opsgenie, VictorOps (now known as Splunk On-Call), or Slack.

You must have the integration for the service configured (linked above), and you must be a Rootly administrator to do so. If the service is not configured when you try to invite users, you will first be directed to a page to configure the integration.

To invite users from a third-party service like those above, do the following:

Navigate to the invitations page as shown earlier in this document, then click the button for the integration desired.

In this example, we've chosen to invite users from Slack. You will see an interstitial where you will select the users you want to invite. Once you've done so, click Invite.

Users will be sent an email invitation like that shown earlier. All they need to do is follow the signup process to login and configure their new Rootly account.

Inviting Users from Other Third-party Integrations

Inviting users from other third-party integrations such as Okta and ServiceNow are not yet supported, but support is planned for a future iteration of Rootly.